The “Living-Cross” Pin


The text around the cross: WHY SEEK THE LIVING AMONG THE DEAD?  LK 24:5




Explanation:  the “Living Cross” brings together the symbols of both Good Friday, because the central symbol is a cross, and also Resurrection Sunday:


*    The wonderful quote from the angels in Jesus freshly-empty tomb surrounds the cross.

*    Jesus’ work on the cross is complete, so he is no longer represented hanging on the Living-Cross.

*    You see through the cross to the believer in Jesus who is wearing the Living-Cross pin and who is part of the living Body of Christ.

*    The Living-Cross’s empty hole is also reminiscent of the empty tomb Jesus left behind on the first Resurrection Sunday.



In addition, the Living-Cross affirms both the Protestant Crucifix where Jesus’ body has been taken down, and also the Roman Catholic Crucifix, because Christ’s Body is seen on—or through!—the Living-Cross.





o   1½-inch diameter Living-Cross pins with shiny brass look

o   1-inch diameter Living-Cross pins with antique brass look

o   ALSO: other variations on this Living-Cross concept



o   Each Living-Cross pin: $15

o   Five Living-Cross pins: $60

o   Large orders are negotiable

o   $12 for each additional Living-Cross pin more than four

o   Postage and handling in the USA: $5 for up to ten Living-Cross pins



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ü Address: Living-Cross, c/o Paul de Vries, NY Divinity School, Church Station – Box 3277, New York, NY 10008

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Below is an enlarged version of the shiny 1½-inch pin:Living Cross 1